Ten blog ideas for your agency

When you're part of a busy agency, it can be challenging to keep your blog and socials updated with fun, fresh content.

One of the first things to ask yourself is: whom am I writing for?  What does my target audience want to read?  Those questions alone can sometimes get the creative juices flowing and inspire you to write blogs that are relevant to your customers and potential clients.

If you're still scratching your head, though, here are ten ideas to help inspire your agency's blog.

Your news
Has your agency just won an award?  Maybe you created awesome work for a favourite client.  Your blog is the perfect place to let people know your wins.

Pro tip: if you struggle to write about your own work, a copywriter can talk about how fabulous you are in an approachable way.

Your work
You might have a dedicated section for your portfolio or case studies but, if not, your blog makes a perfect home to show how your work has benefited your clients - and to give future clients a behind-the-scenes look at how you operate.

A bit of fun
You know what they say about all work and no play.  It can make a dull blog.  

Depending on the circumstances, a little bit of fun and whimsy can make your blog stand out, attract new customers and make people smile.  When appropriate, of course.

Global issues
Your blog could be a place to talk about the bigger picture and how your agency is supporting its workers as they deal with worldwide issues.  Or you could highlight how you're taking steps to combat climate change.  

Meet the team
You probably already have an about page where people can get to know the faces behind the agency.  

A dedicated blog post is an effective way for past, present and future clients to get to know your team even more.  

Pro tip: interview a team member each month and create a blog post based on that interview.

Industry-specific topics
Depending on your agency's area of expertise, you could dive in to topics that are specific to your industry.  Whether you're talking about the future of AI, the latest UX design trends or something else relevant to your agency, this is a powerful way to showcase your knowledge. 

Positive reviews
Maybe a client has waxed lyrical about your work.  Even if you already have a testimonials page, a blog can be a great way to share the positive feedback and delve deeper into what you did for your client and why it was so effective.

Career openings
Maybe you want to encourage young people to consider working for your agency in the future or simply shine a spotlight on the latest career openings.  Either way, a blog can direct attention to the latest vacancies in your agency and get people thinking about joining you. 

Helpful blogs
Your customers might have questions.  Your blog is a place to sell the fact that you have the answers.  

What sets you apart?
Maybe you use technology in an unconventional, effective way.  Maybe you have decades of collective expertise.  Maybe you specialise in a very specific niche.  Whatever sets you apart from other agencies is worth blogging about.

Hopefully some of these ideas have been helpful.  If you'd like help writing a blog post or proofreading existing copy, I'd be delighted to hear from you.