The big blog of acronyms

When I first started copywriting with various agencies, I was overwhelmed with acronyms.  They meant absolutely nothing to me and, about ten times a day, I had to ask: "What does that mean?"

Chances are, if you're working in a busy agency, you already know what they all mean.  But I have no doubt that someone, somewhere will find this blog useful.  Even that person is me, going back to check an acronym I should already know by now.

AM - Account Manager.

ATL marketing 
- "ATL" stands for "Above The Line" and this refers to widespread marketing campaigns, such as television adverts.

B2B copywriting - "B2B" stands for "Business to Business" and refers to any copywriting written by a business, targeted towards another business.

B2C copywriting - exactly the same, except the "C" stands for consumer and the copy is targeted at consumers.

BTL marketing - "BTL" stands for "Below The Line" and this refers to more targeted marketing campaigns.

CTA - Call to Action.  Whether it's something like "Message me for more information" or a simple "Contact us", a CTA helps guide a customer to take action.

CX - Customer Experience.

DM marketing - "DM" stands for "Direct Mail" and this refers to marketing material that ultimately ends up delivered through the recipient's letterbox.

EDM - Electronic Direct Mail.  (Either that or "Electronic Dance Music" but I thought the former was more likely given the context.)

PM - Project Manager.

PPT - Microsoft PowerPoint, a presentation programme.

SaaS - Software as a Service.  

SoW - "SoW" stands for "Statement of Work."  It's a document that outlines the deliverables, pricing and time frame for a project.

TOV - "TOV" stands for "Tone of Voice".  This usually refers to the tone of voice a business or organisation wants to convey - whether it's professional, friendly or anything in between.  

TTL marketing - "TTL" stands for "Through The Line" and this approach incorporates both ATL and BTL marketing types.

UX copywriting - "UX" stands for "User Experience" and is designed to make the user's experience clear and enjoyable - often this involves directing them towards the end goal.

I hope this has been helpful - although I won't be giving up my day job to become a lexicographer any time soon!