Freelance copywriter helping London agencies

Love working in a busy agency – but don’t love being hunched over your desk past five o’clock, struggling to come up with copy in time for the deadline?

I can solve your problem.

I’m Roz, a freelance senior copywriter on the Isle of Skye, specialising in writing copy for creative digital marketing agencies.  Since 2020, I’ve helped agencies provide their clients with powerful UX, B2B and B2C copy.  Let me do the same for your agency – and you’ll be able to leave the office in time for dinner!

Why hire a freelance copywriter for your agency?

I’m here when you need me. Off the payroll when you don’t.  Working with me means you’ll benefit from a decade of professional writing experience, with my recent work used by Microsoft, Specsavers, Lexus, Samsung and the United Nations for COP26.

Where on earth is the Isle of Skye?

The Isle of Skye is the largest of the Inner Hebrides and sits between mainland Scotland and the Outer Hebrides.  I was born in Glasgow and grew up on the island.  It's where I first started writing and began my career as a journalist.

Understandably, many agencies prefer their employees or contractors can make it into the office every so often.  Unfortunately, for me, this isn't possible.  However, there are many upsides to considering a remote freelancer.

Being remote means I'm never stuck in traffic or late on the tube - but you get the same quality of work as if I was right there in the office.  I like the ability to get straight to work as soon as I have my morning cup of tea - and this means I'm able to provide an efficient service for you.

How long do I take to write copy?

This is a very interesting question because I've never had anyone to compare my writing speed with.  I have a sneaky suspicion I'm pretty fast (mainly because a lot of people comment that I get the work back to them very quickly).  Once I get an idea of the work involved, I'll be able to estimate how long it will take me.

If I finish the job quicker than estimated, I'll always tell you.  That way you can either give me another job or get a pleasant surprise when your bill is less than expected.  You might be thinking: "I don't believe you, Roz, why would you do that when you could just twiddle your thumbs for a bit and earn more money?"  

Good question.  First of all, I never actually twiddle my thumbs.  Secondly, I'd rather build a good relationship with every agency I work with - and, for me, that starts with being honest and reliable.  Thirdly, I genuinely enjoy my job.  I'd rather get on and do it.

What can I do for you?

  • Email marketing campaign copy
  • Social media copy
  • Web content
  • Case studies
  • UX copy
  • Articles and PDFs
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts
  • Product descriptions
  • Straplines and taglines
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Billboard adverts
  • Magazine adverts
  • Banners
  • Direct mail
  • Brochures 
  • Scripts
  • Editorial content
If you're looking for a service that's not listed, it might be worth sending me a message anyway.  Chances are, if I can't help, I know someone who can.

What have I done for others?

Since November 2020, I've been permalancing with an amazing global agency called Wunderman Thompson.  I've had the chance to work on copy for big names, such as Microsoft, Samsung, Lexus and Specsavers, covering a wide variety of projects.  

Other London-based agencies also bring me in, as and when they need me, to proofread and edit their pitches and presentations - having an extra pair of eyes really helps make sure everything is perfect.

Although I'm not restricted to one particular niche, I've written for and love sectors such as:
  • Automobiles/cars
  • Aquaculture
  • Food and drink
  • Tech
  • Fashion 
  • Hospitality 
I also have a huge soft spot for companies that are trying to make a positive impact on the world, especially charities and not-for-profit organisations.  

How much do I charge?

I've written a detailed blog outlining my rates for working with agencies here.

The person behind the pen

I’m one of those irritating people who always knew what they wanted to do. When I was nine, I started a university course and studied for my BA in Creative Writing along with my schoolwork.  At seventeen, a chance meeting in a coffee shop led to work experience for a newspaper company – and I achieved my dream of becoming a journalist.  In 2020, I merged my journalistic skills as an interviewer and creative abilities as a storyteller to create my very own copywriting business, specialising in working with agencies that need freelance support. These days, you’ll find me (and my black and white cat, Rascal) at my desk doing exactly what I love.

How do you book me?

You can either book me through YunoJuno or simply send me an email to set things in motion.  

Let's create copy that gets results!