Useful websites your freelance copywriter should know about

One of the reasons I love working with agencies so much is the pool of resources available to dip into.  Having the perspective of a Strategist or someone to provide you with useful links is incredibly useful when it comes to saving time and creating copy that gets results.

Here are a few websites you might want to share with your freelance copywriter.  I've found them all very useful in my work with agencies.

Text Compare

Let's say your copywriter hasn't tracked changes on the document, but your designer needs to know what new elements should be added to the design.  The Text Compare website is the perfect tool for the job.  You can paste up to two chunks of text and it will flag up all the differences.

Percentage Increase Calculator

My brain works with words - not numbers.  I despise calculations in any form and this little calculator has helped me figure out percentage increases quickly and easily.  

Character Counter

Your brief may contain a character count limit for certain items of copy.  I've found this tool invaluable in making sure I keep to the character count.

Hour Calculator

For a long time, I struggled to figure out how many hours I'd worked.  This little tool means I know exactly how long I've worked and it makes scheduling a lot simpler.