Where can you find freelance copywriters?

Where can you find freelance copywriters?

Everywhere, actually.  Or so it seems.  But with so many options to choose from how can you find one that's right for your agency?  And where's the best place to look?

Maybe you're a resource manager looking to hire some freelance talent for an upcoming project.  Or maybe you want some extra copy support for your agency.  Either way, you don't want to spend all day hunting - and you want to find someone reliable.

Here are my top suggestions on where you can find reliable copy support.


It's worth noting that posts like "Where can I find a freelance copywriter?" will get you inundated with messages from dozens of potential writers.  If you post a specific enquiry, it helps target the kind of writers you're looking for.  Once you've narrowed the initial criteria, you'll find some top-notch writers on LinkedIn.


If it's your first time hiring on YunoJuno, send me an email and I'll be able to give you a unique link, giving you 50% off the booking fee.  Otherwise, YunoJuno is an excellent place to source freelance writing talent.

The Dots

The Dots resembles LinkedIn in many ways and, so far, I've found it helpful in making connections and finding potential jobs.  It's easy to use and allows you to hone down exactly what you're looking for when it comes to finding what you want.


It may seem obvious but a Google search for "freelance copywriters near me" can yield good results.  If you're looking for copy within a particular niche, I would suggest including that as part of your search to narrow the field and save yourself time.

So, you know where to find copywriters.  But how can you attract those who would be the best fit for you and your agency?

Be detailed

If you're posting on LinkedIn, a simple "I'm looking for a copywriter" will likely result in you drowning in comments, messages and emails from all manner of writers.  Save their time and yours by sharing necessary details.  For example: "I'm looking for a B2B copywriter to write emails and web content from 14 November onwards.  The project will likely take three months.  Day rate up to £400."  

Your B2C-focused copywriters will have stopped reading by first the line.  Copywriters with full books will click away.  Copywriters who charge more than your budget will scroll on.  You've set yourself up to attract only the copywriters who will be the best fit for your project - and it didn't take you long at all.

Ask for samples

Have they worked with similar clients to yours?  Have they tackled similar projects?  Can they vary their tone of voice depending on the project? What do their testimonials say?  

I'd also suggest asking to see a CV.  The copywriter may be able to allude to past experience that isn't reflected in their portfolio, perhaps due to an NDA. 

Are they professional during interactions? 

I'm always greatly impressed by people who are punctual, send error-free messages and generally have a professional demeanour.  You may have your own dealbreakers when it comes to who you choose to work with, but professionalism should be a given.