Copywriting for agencies

Ever thought of bringing a freelance copywriter on board to help your agency out?

There are multiple reasons why hiring freelance talent can help you get the job done to both your and your clients' satisfaction.  Here's why:

Here when you need me - off the payroll when you don't

You pay for my time, as and when you need it.  If I get the job done sooner than expected, I'll let you know.  Whether you need me for a half-day, a whole day or a couple of hours, I'll get the job done in a way that suits your timeframe.

Location is no longer a limitation

Hiring freelance talent means you have access to a worldwide pool of writers.  As a freelancer, they probably don't need to come into your office - meaning you won't miss out on talented writers just because they're in a remote area.

It's a Covid-safe option

Life is, thankfully, returning to a little bit of normality - but Covid hasn't gone away.  By staying at my desk in the Isle of Skye, I help keep your team safe - and still get the job done!  

All well and good, you may be thinking, but how do you know I can deliver copy that gets results?

Plenty of experience

I've worked with some of the UK's top creative agencies, including Wunderman Thompson UK and Identity.  Whether you need someone with the self-motivation to get the job done alone or someone to integrate with your team, I've the experience and ability to do both.

Rapports and relationships

Regular work with agencies means I'm able to integrate as an (almost!) part of the team.  I'm able to latch on quickly to nail the briefs, tone of voice and working methods - so you get someone who works well with your company, without the commitment of hiring someone full-time.

Here are just some of my services used by agencies all over the world.

Email marketing campaign copy

Email marketing is a powerful way to encourage your customers to take action, educate them or share some exciting news.  I've created email copy for brands such as Lexus, Microsoft, Everest Home Improvements and Samsung.  

Social media copy

On-brand posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have proven a powerful way for brand's to showcase their latest news and achievements.  I've worked with agencies to create social media copy that their clients have loved.

Web content

SEO copywriting is essential to help your website or that of your client to get the attention it deserves.  I've worked with SEO agency, Savvy SEO, to create SEO copy for three very different websites.  

Case studies

Case studies are an effective way to showcase what you've done, who you did it for and what results it had.  Case studies don't have to be long and boring either - I recently worked with an agency to create a fun and funky case study in their playful tone of voice.

UX copy

UX copy or User Experience copy helps make the user experience easier, simpler and memorable (in a good way!)  I spent around a month creating UX copy for the client of an agency I work with - and learned a lot along the way.  

Articles and PDFs

Having a journalistic background is exceedingly helpful when it comes to creating articles and PDFs for my agency clients.  


One of my recent projects involved creating a script from existing footage to form a short video.  I also scripted the trailer for the series.  

Press releases

After spending almost a decade as a journalist, I've been on the receiving end of many a press release - and I know how attention to detail can make the difference between your release being left unread in an inbox or making front-page news.  

Direct mail

Direct mail marketing is a tangible way to get information out of your office and into people’s hands. I’ve had the pleasure of creating luxury direct mail for Lexus. Done properly, it can be an effective marketing strategy.

Blog posts

Maybe you or your client already have SEO-friendly web content in place and just need regular blog posts to keep things fresh?

Product descriptions

A powerful product description can make your goods or services fly off the virtual shelf - or bore people into scrolling by and finding products elsewhere.  Let's make sure it's the former.

Straplines and taglines

Coming up with pithy phrases to sum up your organisation can be tricky.  Fortunately, I can say a lot in a few words.

Proofreading and editing

Agencies often get me in for a day to proofread and edit - it's a perfect way to get a second pair of eyes to sense-check your copy.  

Anything else?

Looking for a service that I haven't mentioned.  Send me a message anyway - chances are if I can't help out, I know someone who can.