Why you should hire a freelance copywriter in 2022

Every digital marketing or communications agency needs quality copy in order to position itself above its competitors.  Whether that copy is for your own website or social media, or for your clients, here are compelling reasons to hire a remote freelance copywriter in 2022 - and how to pick one that's right for you.

It's eco-friendly

According to a recent Forbes article, 3.2 metric tons of carbon emissions and 313 gallons of gasoline are saved per remote worker each year.  

In order to minimise my impact on the environment, I recently did away with my printer (can't print unnecessarily if you don't print at all!).  I'm always open to suggestions on how to make my business more eco-friendly, but I feel remote working is a strong step in the right direction.

It's cost-effective

I'm here when you need me.  Off the payroll when you don't.  You pay for the work I do, as and when I do it.  You also don't have to pay my tax and NI contributions.

A freelancer can still be a team player

This is especially true when you regularly work with a particular freelancer, or permalancer.  I've been fortunate enough to have worked with an agency since November, meaning I know the individual members of the team (as well as their babies' names, their favourite holiday destinations and their pets).  Getting to know the people you're working with goes a long way to helping you understand the assignment and, ultimately, create copy that gets results.

How can you be sure you've found the right copywriter for your agency?

What do they charge?

While the best copywriter may not be the one that charges most, it's generally true that you get what you pay for.  How does their day rate compare to others?  Are they "too cheap"?  

What do others say?

I don't have a testimonials section on my website (mainly because I completely forget to ask clients to say nice things about me) but you'll often find copywriters investing space on their website to build confidence in their work.  Having testimonials can be an effective and fast way to find out what others say about the copywriter and give you a good idea of how they'll be able to help you.  

I have a few testimonials on my LinkedIn in the form of recommendations, so that's often a good starting point if you're looking to see what others say about a writer.

What do they say (verbally or otherwise)?

Are they on time for meetings?  How do they conduct themselves?  How do you feel when you talk to them?  Are they professional?  

As a copywriter, it's important to me that I'm punctual and professional.  I respect others who make the effort to do the same - it gives me confidence that they'll show the same level of care in their work.

What does their portfolio consist of?

This is a pretty obvious one, but, in my opinion, a portfolio is much more powerful than a CV - and don't even get me started on cover letters!  A portfolio should tell you all you need to know about a potential writer, even if that portfolio consists of on spec copy.  

What's next?

Once you've found a copywriter who ticks all your boxes, it's a good idea to hang on to them.  Having a permalancer who knows the ins and outs of your agency and knows how to make your clients happy is incredibly useful.  

It's also a lovely feeling, from a freelancer's point of view, when an agency wants you to work with them regularly.  

Are you looking to hire a freelance copywriter in 2022?  Why not get in touch now?