How long does copywriting take?

Obviously, the answer to this question depends on multiple factors, including, but not limited to:
  • What kind of copywriting we're talking about
  • How much research is involved
  • Whether or not there are any amends to make
  • When the deadline is
However, as busy agencies require quick turnarounds, I thought it might help if I put together some information on timings and when you can expect to receive your copy.  To do that, let's examine the process.

The briefing

Most briefings involve the Project Manager, Strategist and Creative Lead helping brief the copywriter or designer into the project.  In my experience, this usually takes half an hour.

Pro tip: when sending your copywriter the meeting invitation, include links to the written brief or production deck, if possible, so they can familiarise themselves with the project ahead of the briefing.  While they may not always have time to do so, I've found studying the written brief ahead of time means I can ask better questions throughout the briefing and really get to grips with the deliverables.

The research

This is a pivotal step, but virtually impossible to estimate its length.  Your copywriter may need to read a whitepaper, go to a library, scour the web, interview someone...  

Something that makes this step a lot easier is having a Strategist on board to lay out key messages and their references.  I've found this has saved me hours of research time and means I can focus on getting the actual writing done.

The writing

I'm quite a fast writer, which means I can get a lot done in a short space of time.  This is very useful if there are deadlines involved.  

However, when I have the time, I love the ability to write, step away, then go back and analyse what I've done with a fresh eye.  This definitely results in better writing at the end.

I still find estimating how long the actual writing will take quite tricky.  However, I can give a rough quote once I know more about the scope of the project.  

The amends

Working with private clients meant amends could drag on...  and on...  and on...  Even though I had a clause in my contract that amends needed to be with me after two weeks, I was too scared to insist upon this.  I'm still waiting for people I worked with in 2020 to give me detailed amends.

Working with agencies mean other members of the team insist that the client provides all amends by a certain date.  This is wonderful, for me, as now it's just a matter of making those amends.  Usually this takes no more than a day.

Pro tip: I've found having all the team, not just the Creative Lead, take a look at the copy helps create a unified document that's in line with the original brief.  

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