Anniversary giveaway

Today marks two years since I started copywriting - officially.

It was two years ago today that I set up the Facebook page and took a leap into the unknown.

And, every year, I like to do a small giveaway - my way of passing on my gratitude for the amazing chances I've had.

Last year, Paul Eagles from Kokoa Collection kindly donated his gorgeous chocolate tablets, ready to be melted into drinking chocolate.

This year, we're carrying on the chocolate theme - but with an Isle of Skye twist.  I picked up these bars of chocolate made by Edinburgh-based company, Coco

Discover Isle of Skye Sea Salt milk chocolate, Isle of Skye Sea Salt and Lime milk chocolate and Earl Grey Tea dark chocolate (because Earl Grey is the best.)

All you need to do to win is head over to my Facebook page.  Like and share the post (make sure to do so publicly, otherwise I won't see) and I'll announce a winner on Monday 8.