I've joined a gym... sort of

I've joined a gym.  Sort of.

Before everyone gets excited (settle down at the back, there!), it's not really a gym.  It's the local sports centre.  And it's only because it makes more sense than paying as I go, considering I play badminton there twice a week.

But it's a step in the right direction when it comes to exercise.  Because this sports centre happens to have a dinky little room full of all the equipment needed for getting fit.  I think.  I've only ever peeped inside as I walked by.  But, you never know, one day I might walk in and try one of the machines out.  Supervised, hopefully.  They look tricky.  I don't want to break them.  Or myself.

Since finishing the 12-week training programme, I must admit it's harder to motivate myself to exercise.  I know there's no accountability.  There's no weekly check-in.  Who's really going to notice if I skip exercise just once?  Or twice?

Well, I'll notice.  And my clothes will notice.  And, if I regularly go to the leisure centre and start running around and exercising, then suddenly stop, the staff will notice. 

My point?  Joining up will give me the accountability I need.  Knowing that someone might possibly say: "I didn't see you last week, were you okay?" and I would have to answer: "Yes, I was fine, I just didn't feel like coming so I stayed at home and gorged myself on Jaffa cakes." will, I hope, be quite useful in convincing me to get off the sofa, prise myself away from my phone or book and start doing something active.

We'll see.