Making space

Making space.

It sounds a little like I'm going up to the loft to chuck out dusty old relics.  But, actually, it's more about chucking out dusty old relics in my mind.

I work closely with Wunderman Thompson UK and, along with the wider group of companies, everyone at WT was given a long weekend in early July to "make space."

This collective break was a lovely gesture to acknowledge everyone's hard work and, even though I'm a freelancer, I decided to take that long weekend off too.

The first thing I decided to do was take time to read and enjoy a cup of Earl Grey tea.  

After that, I had a leisurely walk to the town and wandered (a little aimlessly) round the charity shops.  

I tested out the camera on my new phone and got chased by a bee.  Inspiration was everywhere, though - even on a petrol-speckled road.

I hadn't had any breakfast (tut!) so I stopped off at Cafe Arriba.  I treated myself to pancakes and bacon with maple syrup.

The weekend was spent doing my usual pottering, confident in the knowledge that I could sleep in on Monday morning!

I decided to take myself to the cinema (again) and then went for a walk round the Scorrybreac area of Skye.

I'd always wanted to venture out to the Black Rock, but the area quickly gets cut off by the tide.  This time, however, I judged there was enough time for a quick scramble across.

I liked the way the rocks framed the cruise ship in the distance.

In the evening, as usual, I walked to the local sports centre for my Monday night badminton - and I played better than ever before!  

Honestly, though?  I was delighted to get back to work on Tuesday.  I love my work and, even on a bad day, I'm so grateful to be able to work from a nice cosy home (often with the fairy lights on!) and be able to do a job I love.  I never take that for granted and, even though the long weekend was lovely, it reminded me how much I appreciate being a copywriter.