Making headlines (not really)

I was in the paper!

That's me on the far right.  Look at the tension in those shoulders.  Time to book a massage, I think!

I was flicking through the West Highland Free Press today looking for something else entirely when I stumbled across a news item I was in!  

If you've been following the blog, you'll know I recently reignited my badminton playing - and took part in a wee tournament on Saturday.

I didn't actually know it was going to be a tournament when I showed up - just that a few people would be playing on the weekend.  But, when I arrived, every player and their friend was there (slight exaggeration.  Not least because there were, regretfully, no dogs).  I gave it a go anyway - and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, making it to the semi-finals, much to my shock. 

Badminton back story
I think I've been playing badminton for a lot longer than I realised.  I thought I started in my late teens, but a recent memory was triggered of me finding an ancient blue badminton racquet in a charity shop and playing with whoever would entertain me.  

After that, my mum and I played with friends every Sunday afternoon and I think I gradually improved.  Friends moved away or got married and then our merry band whittled down to just mum and me, so it gradually fizzled out.  

I re-started again in January this year at the local sports centre.  I nearly talked myself out of it several times as I was scared I wouldn't fit in or that people would already have their friends and partner players and wouldn't want me - but everyone has been so lovely and welcoming and I've made some great new friends.  Not least of which are the youngsters who regularly beat me!

What else is new?
In other news, I'm fully booked up for copywriting projects into next year now.  I'll be wrapping up my three-month stint at The&Partnership very soon and tackling other new and exciting projects.