My favourite copywriting projects this autumn

Autumn is my second least favourite season. Or my third favourite, depending on which way you look at it.  Although I love the blazing colours of purple heather and golden leaves, it's all a poignant reminder that summer is well and truly gone and we're gearing up for a long, wet, dark, tiring Scottish winter with about five hours of daylight.  Don't even get me started on November, the dreariest and wettest of all months.  

November also marks a year since my lovely grandma died, so it's just felt like a case of putting my head down, gritting my teeth and just getting on with things, rather than stopping to find the bright spots in life.

And, of course, there are bright spots.  Kicking through colourful leaves to find chessies (or conkers).  It's also acceptable to enjoy cinnamon lattes and wear scarves and boots.  I love boots.  

One thing I'm extremely thankful for is having rewarding work to do - work that feels like it could really make a difference in the future.  Here are my highlights from the work I was privileged to have this autumn. 

The&Partnership - a general overview

I was very fortunate to spend my autumn booked up by The&Partnership, helping out with their NatWest, Coutts, Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank accounts.

This was my first time working on a financial account and I was looking forward to gaining experience and growing my skillset. 

Part of my job was to help ensure copy was written in a down-to-earth tone of voice, making sure that everything I wrote wouldn't sound out of place if a friend said it to you in conversation. 

Coutts - Black History Month window display

From the get-go, I was passionate about getting this project right.  My research sent my skin tingling and my blood boiling at the injustices I was reading about.  So, I wanted to create something with a powerful message - and ensure that message made it clear that Coutts' support was available 24/7, not just during Black History Month.

I came up with a few options and worked with The & Partnership's amazing designer, who took my ideas and created pure magic.

Thousands of people walk by Coutts' premises in The Strand and the idea that my copy might inspire them to pursue their dreams makes me very happy.

NatWest - advertorial

As far as I'm aware, this is the first time NatWest has advertised in the Back To School magazine, so it was fun to be involved in something new and exciting for everyone.  NatWest wanted to highlight their Rooster card, a pre-paid debit card aimed at giving youngsters their first step towards financial independence. 

The project involved making sure the tone of voice fitted with NatWest, but didn't read as jarringly different to other content in the Back To School magazine.

You can read the advertorial here.  

Other work
I'm also thrilled to showcase other work that went live this autumn, including some exciting projects for my lovely clients at Wunderman Thompson. 

19 November marks exactly a year since I started permalancing at Wunderman Thompson and I do plan on writing an extensive blog post on what I've learned in that year (Hint: it's an awful lot!)  

For now, though, let's take a look at the recent work that was deployed this autumn.

Samsung - email marketing

I was asked to work on a series of emails promoting Samsung's new flagship phones, the Galaxy Z Fold4 and the Galaxy Z Flip4.

The copy needed to be bold and vivid, converting users who were otherwise on the fence about getting a new Samsung.

This brief gave me the chance to create vivid, lively copy that was unmistakably Samsung.

Each phone, to me, had its own distinct personality. The Galaxy Z Fold4 is a hard-working multi-tasker, ready to get things done and get them done quickly.

The Galaxy Z Flip4, in my opinion, feels more playful. You've got the ability to customise the cover screen, a retro-esque flip feel and the amazing FlexCam - all coming in bright, bold colours.

Also, I'm really rather proud of my Photoshop skills, so both emails can be shown side by side without making you scroll for miles to read the whole thing!

Lexus - RX Reveal

Lexus revealed their All-New RX to existing Lexus owners through an email showcasing the car's beautiful upgrades. 

The email had several modules, depicting the car's rich heritage, the new powertrain options and all the features designed for comfort, safety and enjoyment, all with the deepest respect to the All-New RX's predecessor. 

I was absolutely thrilled to work with Wunderman Thompson on this and the email arrived in my inbox (yes, I signed up for all the latest Lexus news!) in November.

I'm excited for what the winter will bring!