My favourite copywriting projects this winter

Frosty cars, slanting lights and crisp mornings have been the hallmark of this winter so far.  I've been forcing myself to keep up my fitness routine (when all I really want to do is bury myself under a mountain of blankets and hibernate until spring.)

Here are my highlights from this winter:

Coutts - Shine A Light window display

I accidentally wrote a poem when I was working on this project.  

The&Partnership was creating a display for Coutts winter window, featuring their long-standing relationship with The Connection, a charity dedicated to helping people off the London streets.  

The concept was centred around lights and it got me thinking: When you get home, you turn the lights on.  Sometimes you turn the fairy lights on when you need a bit of cheering up.  Sometimes you light the candles.  Sometimes you light a fire.  When you're on the streets, what lights do you have?  You can't just switch the streetlights off and on when you want.  You can't bring the sun out from the clouds when you need some warmth.  

So I scribbled down some ideas, intended to be the springboard for other, bigger ideas.  Turned out I'd written a poem that ended up being used for the window display.  My hope is that it really did help shine a light on the fact that we need to ensure people have access to basic rights - like shelter!

Lexus - Lexus Monthly Briefing email

I was asked to write a few modules for the January 2023 Lexus Monthly Briefing, a regular email Lexus sends out to interested subscribers.  Some of the email had already been written, but a few more modules were needed - and I had lots of fun writing about siphon coffee!  I'd never heard of it before, but it sounds delicious - even for a confirmed tea drinker like myself!  

I was particularly pleased with the headline "Driven by flavour" which tied together the delicious taste of the coffee and the motoring theme.  

Lexus - Confident poll emails

To help determine how people feel about the future of electric cars, Lexus deployed a poll email.  I was asked to write the poll email and the various follow up emails, depending on how the poll was answered.  

Here is the email triggered when customers say they are not confident in electric cars.

Carbost Pier Limited - web content rewrite


Having grown up in the Carbost area on the Isle of Skye, it was a pleasure to metaphorically revisit through a web content rewrite for a local client.  

Carbost Pier Limited have an incredible vision for the local area and have already implemented amazing changes.  Carbost is perhaps best-known as being home to Talisker Distillery, but Carbost Pier Limited are instrumental in ensuring the pier and pontoons become a thriving hub of nautical activity.

All of the web content was already live, so it was a case of working through it to rewrite and edit.  My goals were to present Carbost as a welcoming area for visitors, both by sea and land, as well as ensure everything read clearly and simply. 

You can view the latest version of the website here.