When I first began copywriting, veteran writer, Valerio Puggioni, took the time to give me some valuable advice.

And one of those pearls of wisdom included getting testimonials.  Which I've been highly remiss at doing in recent years.

Often I was too shy to ask for a review and often I forget to bother.  But another conversation with an expert recruiter reminded me that I need to make sure I have plenty of social proof in my portfolio - as well as writing samples.

Here are some lovely words past clients have said about my work.

“Roz is a wonderful combination of the skilled and the inspired. Whether the project involved images or words, she always achieved tremendous results. Only the economic hammer-blow dealt to us by the pandemic caused her to be lost from my enterprise but she has achieved great things herself as we always knew she could. Anyone who’s ever worked with her will know her steely determination to achieve and that is standing her in good stead. Well done, Roz.” Fred Silver, Intermedia Services Managing Director.

“It’s very rare for me to be impressed.  I have woken to a dull morning and then I started to read the doc and WOW I love it and put a smile on my face and all of a sudden it’s not dull anymore.  This writer is truly talented and love what she has created adding all the everyday details I have missed, I think this has made me realise for the first time it’s worth spending the money for good words.” Kal, Point Clair House owner.

“I hired Roz to do a blog piece for my business that I was struggling with - she took the time to get to know what I needed and what it entailed - and hit the nail on the head! I was really impressed with the outcome and how it all worked out. Highly recommended!” Chris Evans, web designer.

“Roz is a brilliant copywriter and, best of all, an absolute delight to work with.  I have worked with Roz on a number of projects and consider her to be ‘one of the team.'  I am delighted we have Roz’s creative talents and enthusiasm to rely on.” Peter, musician. 

“We’d like the time to do everything ourselves.  Working with Roz allowed me the time to work on the other 101 things on my to-do-list whilst getting the business up and running.  Roz’s copy was delivered 100% to deadline.  Her hard work and input were much appreciated.” Kris, Evoo Fresh owner.

“Trouble Is... first met Roz Macaskill on WhatsApp about a year ago.  She wrote an article on us for [award-winning news site] We Love Stornoway.  We all loved it!  She interviewed us all from her home on Skye and even listened in to our live practice session on the Isle of Lewis.  Shortly afterwards she set up Isle of Skye Copywriter and the rest is history.  We asked her to do some work for us in October 2020. We commissioned further work in November and December 2020. In February 2021 we approached Roz again with a view to her undertaking work on our forthcoming album. Enough said!  Roz is very good at what she does. She is reliable, professional, competent, affordable and an absolute joy with whom to work. Rock on Isle of Skye Copywriter. We wish you continued success." Phil, David and Ken, musicians. 

“There is no doubt that Roz is a gifted writer. She infuses her writing with imagery that makes you feel as if you are there. Roz took my brief and ran with it, impressing my client immensely turning bland web copy into beautiful prose to entice the visitor to find out more. Nothing is too much trouble for Roz. She's professional and works to exacting and high standards. I'm hoping we can work on many more projects together.” Sonia Rosenblatt, Savvy SEO owner.

"I’ve never met Roz. I don’t need to.  I can tell she’s got a talent for copywriting – adapting her style to match our different clients’ needs and tone of voice.  She’s dead quick as well.  Picks things up really quickly and I can rely on her to write lovely words that are of a peculiarly high standard." Simon Martin, Head of Copy at Wunderman Thompson.

Thank you, everyone, for your lovely words!

For anyone struggling to ask for a testimonial or wondering why you should, I recommend this informative article over on Filthy Rich Writer.  I'll certainly try to pluck up the courage to ask for more recommendations.