In which I test AI copywriting

I saw a post on LinkedIn recently about the latest hot topic - Elon Musk's decision to end remote working at Tesla.

The poster also commented on the growing reliance of AI to do certain jobs - which got me thinking: could I one day find myself replaced by Artificial Intelligence?  Could a robot come up with better copy than a human?

Well, let's see.

I went with CopyAI.  It has a pretty comprehensive free plan, which made it perfect for our test today.

AI writes a bio

Niche/Topic: Copywriting

What followers should know: I write well

I gave CopyAI those very bald prompts and then waited to see what it came up with.  

"New York Times bestselling author, copywriting advisor to fortune 500 and billion dollar startups. I teach copywriters how to make a living."

I'm not sure where it got the idea that I was a New York Times bestselling author - and that's the most plausible part of that whole bio.

"I am a copywriter, which means I write words. I am a freelance writer, which means I write words for money. I am a copywriter and freelance writer, which means I write words for money better than anyone else (hopefully)."

I quite liked the playful tone of this one and it's definitely got potential.

"If you're a content creator (marketer or writer) this is the place to get started. It's not a secret society where I have to reach a certain number of followers before I'll share my secrets with you. That's what my coaching"

It simply gave up after coaching.  

"Boring Me About Your Product? I'll Write Your Product Copy to Get Your Customers' Attention and Target a Demographic They Can't Resist."

Unlike the other versions, this one featured capitals.  I'm not sure why.  I'm also not sure it's a good idea to call potential clients' products "boring."

AI writes an Instagram caption

What is your post about?  A pretty sunset.

What tone should it be in?  Joyful and upbeat.

CopyAI didn't do too well here, with heavy reliance on emojis, stating the obvious and simply not making any sense at all.

AI writes an email subject line

Who is the email from/what does the business or product do?  Creates luxurious supercars.

What is the intent of the email?  To promote a new supercar ready for pre-order! 

As I frequently write email subject lines for work, I decided to myself the same challenge as I gave the AI.  

Here's my version:

"<Name>, meet the [car name].  It's going to take your breath away."

I thought that was a bit cliche so I also came up with:

"The new [car name] can do 0-60 in [insert ludicrously impressive time here]. But you'll love the drive so much, you'll take the long way home."

Better.  A bit long, but better.

Let's see what the AI came up with.

First of all, where does Nike come into it?  And honey?  Does AI know what a supercar is?  Although, I must admit, the $1 would be an interesting name for a supercar.  

The conclusion
I will preface my conclusion by saying I only used CopyAI (many of the others wanted me to create an account or sign up, so it was the easiest option) and I only used the free features.  I would imagine the paid-for versions offer either better quality or more options.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well AI did in some instances, especially as I deliberately gave it very little to work with.  It doesn't have an imagination to fill in the gaps, so it did extremely well, especially with the bio options.  

However, I don't believe an AI could truly replace the human ability to create playful, on-brand copy.  It cannot comprehend all the nuances and, in some cases, it makes no sense whatsoever.  What AI can consistently do is create inspiration - for the human writers.