Week eight of my stupidity

Remember two weeks ago when I took "improvement" photographs and wasn't very happy?

That didn't happen this week.  This week, I was thrilled.  The difference in the before and after images is incredible. 

The Weekend

As always, Phil's instructions for the weekend are to "be active."  

I've taken to trying to be active by walking places when I would normally drive (although this is more out of concern for my car's dislike of short journeys) but it does feel better to have walked more.

We have a lovely little nature walk in Portree, with offshoots leading in multiple different directions.  One of them takes me very close to the Fingal Centre (which my phone loves to autocorrect as "the Fungal Centre" - yuck!) where I play badminton on Mondays.  

Day Forty-Four

After my badminton lesson on Thursday, I wrote down notes of everything I needed to do - but I dreamed I forgot it all and stood there like a statue.  

Fortunately, this was not the case on Monday night.  The lesson really helped and I was able to return shots I couldn't have reached before!  

Day Forty-Five

Seeing my progress really motivates me to keep going - and my lower body workout was actually quite enjoyable today.  

Day Forty-Six

Everything fell by the wayside today. I'd had a slight sore throat yesterday afternoon but, by today, I was being sick every half hour and running a very high temperature.  I'm afraid I chickened out of my exercises.

Day Forty-Seven

After a three-hour afternoon nap, I felt slightly better and actually managed to eat something.  Still no exercises, not even my bike.

Day Forty-Eight

I'm never quite sure how hard to push myself, whether I'm just being lazy or genuinely need a break.  I'm going to aim for at least ten minutes on my bike today and see how I get on.  I just hope I haven't lost any progress.