Week nine of my stupidity

"Missing workouts in the short-term won't make a huge difference.  It can't be helped if you're unwell.  And you can't make up for it.  The best thing to do is get back to the plan once you are better.  So no need to be anxious."

Not my words of wisdom.  Phil Agostino's.  

It always seems to feel like you're getting there and then some unexpected event happens and you go right back to where you started.  I'm still not 100% better from whatever was wrong with me.  My throat doesn't feel right and I tire out very easily.  But I'm hoping this week I can get back into my normal routine and keep up the progress. 

The Weekend

I wasn't particularly active this weekend, with only a few gentle walks and 20 minutes on my exercise bike.

Day Fifty-One

The air conditioning appears to be broken at the sports centre, where I play badminton every Monday.  It felt like I was playing badminton in the middle of a scirocco.  I'm usually a cold person, but the heat was almost unbearable and I felt like I was going to faint at one point.  We all powered through, though. 

Day Fifty-Two

I dragged myself through my lower body workout.  I'm still not 100% and tire very easily.  

Day Fifty-Three

I took a day off work today, but ended up having a rather emotional day.  Tired, not feeling very well and with a deep sadness, I decided not to do my workout.

Later in the evening, I changed my mind and took Phil's advice to just do a little bit and see where I ended up.  I didn't finish the entire workout, but I did so much more than if I'd just taken the evening off.  

Day Fifty-Four

Instead of going on my bike today, I opted for a two-hour badminton lesson.  This may not sound very active, but I always end up exhausted and with pleasantly sore legs.  

Coach Jay helped me with my backhand (which needed all the help it can get).  My main take away from the lesson was that I need to relax, not attack everything with the ferocity of an angry T-Rex.

Day Fifty-Five

Friday is a full-body workout.  My energy levels are still very low from whatever germ I had, so it's a struggle to work up the motivation.  

Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you have a lovely time.  What are your tips for when motivation is low, but you want to do something?