Week ten of my stupidity

"Missing workouts in the short-term won't make a huge difference.  It can't be helped if you're unwell.  And you can't make up for it.  The best thing to do is get back to the plan once you are better.  So no need to be anxious."

Not my words of wisdom.  Phil Agostino's.  

It always seems to feel like you're getting there and then some unexpected event happens and you go right back to where you started.  I'm still not 100% better from whatever was wrong with me.  My throat doesn't feel right and I tire out very easily.  But I'm hoping this week I can get back into my normal routine and keep up the progress. 

The Weekend

I wasn't particularly active this weekend, with only a few gentle walks and one 30-minute session on my exercise bike.

Day Fifty-Eight

I had a good cardio session at badminton tonight, with lots of running around and dramatic leaps.  Coach Jay tells me I need to relax more - I'm not sure I know how to do that!

Day Fifty-Nine

I dragged myself through my lower body workout.  I'm still not 100% and tire very easily.  

Day Sixty

I'm finding the Wednesday workouts the hardest.  It's probably the most intense, and I find the middle of the week is when I'm most tired. 

Day Sixty-One

Coach Jay gave me another two-hour badminton lesson.  Each time I go, there's more to learn and I feel like I'm getting worse and going backwards!  It's a tremendous workout though.

Day Sixty-Two

I've actually done my workout already and it's only 10am!  It's nice to see myself getting stronger.  I oscillate dramatically between "It's working!  It's wonderful!  I love it!" to "It's not working!  It's terrible!  I'll never get it!"  But, as Phil says, consistency over time is what matters and I may be small but I am very determined! Like Dick King-Smith's Sophie.