SEO web content

Savvy SEO

The client: SEO agency, Savvy SEO

The niche: Hospitality, Food and Drink, Landscape Gardening

The brief: I worked with agency owner, Sonia, to create SEO-optimised web content for three of her clients. The copy needed to contain effective keywords, without resorting to keyword stuffing.

The result: I created copy for a luxury, self-catering holiday home; an artisan hot chocolate supplier and a landscape gardener, each with text optimised for search engines.

Sonia said: “There is no doubt that Roz is a gifted writer. She infuses her writing with imagery that makes you feel as if you are there. Roz took my brief and ran with it, impressing my client immensely turning bland web copy into beautiful prose to entice the visitor to find out more. Nothing is too much trouble for Roz. She's professional and works to exacting and high standards. I'm hoping we can work on many more projects together.”

Point Clair House owner, Kal, said: “It’s very rare for me to be impressed.  I have woken to a dull morning and then I started to read the doc and WOW I love it and put a smile on my face and all of a sudden it’s not dull anymore.  This writer is truly talented and love what she has created adding all the everyday details I have missed, I think this has made me realise for the first time it’s worth spending the money for good words.”

Take a peek at the three websites Sonia and I worked on together.

Point Clair House
Kokoa Collection
Nordland Landscapes

University of the Highlands and Islands

The client: Lews Castle College, University of the Highlands and Islands

The niche: Education

The brief: The Outer Hebrides' college had its own dedicated website - but work was needed.  I was tasked to:
  • Create new copy, promoting the exciting college lifestyle and appealing to students from all over the world
  • Ensure consistent language 
  • Proofread the entire website
  • Ensure the key messages were clear
The result: I created staff biographies, researched the area and produced copy for the Subjects, Study with Us and Our Centres tabs on the website.

Having stayed and worked in the Outer Hebrides, I knew first-hand what a beautiful area it is.  Making sure the islands' magic came across in the copy was very important to the client.  Therefore, we created several pages showcasing activities that could be done in the beautiful area, including Landscapes, Creative Arts and Music, Adventure and Food and Drink.

Lews Castle College - University of the Highlands and Islands

The Cabin

The client:
The owners of The Cabin, a welcoming self-catering cottage in Scotland

The niche:
Hospitality, Tourism

The brief:
To write web content promoting The Cabin, focusing on its beautiful location, surrounding attractions, personal touches and badgers!

The result:
My local knowledge and love of Scotland were helpful in creating copy showcasing the beauty of The Cabin's locale.  

The Cabin

Evoo Fresh

The client: Evoo Fresh

The niche: Food and Drink, Product Descriptions

The brief: My client was launching a new website for brand-new extra virgin olive oil company, Evoo Fresh.  The brief was to create web copy, including product descriptions, for each olive oil, using language in keeping with the fresh, dynamic brand.

The result: Researching and interviewing were required to make sure I knew the backstory behind a number of the farms.  I also had to swot up on my knowledge of extra virgin olive oil and its health benefits.  At the end, we were able to create a fresh new website with on-brand copy.

Owner, Kris, said: "We’d like the time to do everything ourselves.  Working with Roz allowed me the time to work on the other 101 things on my to-do-list whilst getting the business up and running.  Roz’s copy was delivered 100% to deadline.  Her hard work and input were much appreciated.”

Carbost Pier Limited

The client: Carbost Pier Limited

The niche: Local Interest, Yachts, Nautical, Boating

The brief: Carbost Pier Limited wanted to highlight their position in the area of Minginish on the Isle of Skye as an excellent place for visiting crafts to moor and explore the local area.  To do this, they wanted to overhaul their web content.  

All the web content was already live, so I worked through the website, editing and making suggestions.  

The result: Here's the previous version of the home page...

...and the latest version, with my suggestions implemented.

My aims were to ensure the site content was clear, easy to understand and welcoming.  

A number of images weren't loading on the initial site.  My suggestions included replacing those pictures, integrating links into the text or CTA buttons and shortening the introductory text so that it's instantly clear what Carbost Pier Limited to and how the website can help any visitors.

Carbost Pier Limited