Editing and proofreading

A former journalist, I've edited and proofread multiple articles, agency pitches, book chapters, websites and much more.  Here are some examples of my editing and proofreading work:

The Skye Magazine

The client:
Intermedia Services

The brief: Sub-edit annual magazine, The Skye Magazine.

In 2020, I led my team to create an outstanding product.

Responsible for interviewing and photographing clients, putting together top-quality editorial features, proofreading articles and ensuring all deadlines were met, both by myself and by my team.

The result: We created a unique pandemic issue of The Skye Magazine.  Managing Director of Intermedia Services, Fred, said: "Roz is a wonderful combination of the skilled and the inspired. Whether the project involved images or words, she always achieved tremendous results. Only the economic hammer-blow dealt to us by the pandemic caused her to be lost from my enterprise but she has achieved great things herself as we always knew she could. Anyone who’s ever worked with her will know her steely determination to achieve and that is standing her in good stead. Well done, Roz."

I worked closely with Thomas T. Edgar to create the magazine.  He said: "Roz is a delight to work with. She's a great all-rounder. Roz is an amazing photographer and a sensitive writer that can get the story behind the story."

The 2020 edition of The Skye Magazine is available to read here.

Web copy

The client: London-based agency, Light and Motion, on behalf of Paradiso Mountain Club & Restaurant

The brief: The Switzerland-based venue already had copy for the winter version of its website.  However, this needed to be edited and, in some cases, entirely rewritten to suit the relaxed summer ambience. 

The result: Working closely with Light and Motion and the lovely team at Paradiso, we created copy full of atmosphere, removing all winter references and rewriting to suit the summer menu, activities, weather and transport.  You can view the website here.