Living on the Isle of Skye

Arguments and counter-arguments on the pros and cons of remote working have saturated LinkedIn lately.

I've been working remotely since I was about seventeen.  The company I worked for was based in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis and I lived on the Isle of Skye.  Monthly office trips were required the week before print deadlines, but, otherwise, I could usually be found at my desk on a remote peninsula in Skye.

Because I'm so far away from most of the agencies I want to work with, I can only accept remote copy work.  Here's a little glimpse into why the Isle of Skye is such an amazing and inspirational place to live and work.

This is the tranquil view from Portree's main car park, down in Bayfield.  Isn't it lovely?

The last few weeks have been absolutely gorgeous and, whether I'm out on a walk or reading on my garden bench in the sun, I always feel much happier when the weather is sunny.

My favourite walks

I'm definitely not one of those incredibly active people who love nothing more than bagging Munros.  I look on in admiration as they scale the Cuillins with ease.

Gentle walks are much more my speed and, preferably, walks around Portree, which is the area I live.

I'm definitely a beach person - if you can plonk me on the sand with a book, I'm happy.  

I also love walking around the Scorrybreac loop.  I start this walk just beside the famous Cuillin Hills Hotel and walk as far as I feel, often diverting onto the shoreline to look for crabs and shells.  

My favourite places

It's fair to say the weather on Skye isn't all that great.  So, a lot of my favourite places to go are indoors.

When I want a little peace and quiet, without my phone distracting me, I love the local library.  Being surrounded by books always gives me an incredible sense of peace.  

If I want food and WiFi, I'll usually go to local favourite, The Red Brick Cafe.  The WiFi is blisteringly fast, which means it's a brilliant place to go when you want a cinnamon latte and a place to do a little work.  

My office

I work from my desk, which affords me an excellent view of the kitchen and the cat-clawed sofa.  I also have inspirational posters up, including pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Swift and old pictures from magazines.  I also have my Jersey CI calendar up on the wall.

My circumstances mean I'll probably never see the inside of your beautiful office - but I can still produce top-quality work for you.