Week four of my stupidity

When I initially spoke to Phil, he asked me about my relationship with food.  

Hint: it's not a good relationship.

Growing up, food had an almost god-like status in my house.  Wasted food was a crime punishable by severe lectures.  Opening milk when there was milk already open, food that didn't get used or disliking certain kinds of food would all get you into severe trouble.  

Because food was so revered, I hated it.  Later in life, I'd be known to go all day without food.  I told people it was because I forgot to eat and because I was too busy writing.  Sometimes that was true.  Sometimes I even believed it was the whole truth.  But it wasn't.

The real truth is it made me feel strong if I could go without food.  It had been given such importance growing up and, if I didn't need it, then surely that was a good thing.  

None of this was healthy - and I knew it.  I took steps to get a healthier view of food and, sometimes, I even open two milk bottles at once.  Because I can.  

The Weekend

Every weekend, Phil asks his clients to complete a weekly check-in.  It's a good chance to think about how you've done over the past week and note any positive changes.

I wasn't happy with what I'd done over the weekend.  I exceeded my calorie count on Friday and spent most of Saturday not eating to "make up for it."  

Sunday was spent more normally, making sure I had three regular meals and went for a long walk - which I know is what you're meant to do every single day.  

Day Sixteen

Another bank holiday = no badminton, so I did 20 minutes of cardio on my exercise bike instead.  Nice and easy!  I also went on a walk for one-and-a-half hours.

Day Seventeen

Phil told me to always start with the hardest exercises firsts, so I decided to switch the order of my workout round and start with my half planks.  It didn't help!  

Day Eighteen

I don't know what it is about the last few Wednesdays but they've been extra long and tiring.  I worked until 7:30pm and really didn't feel like doing anything.  I forced myself to work through the exercise routine and then, to clear my head, went for a long walk outside - well away from screens!

Day Nineteen

20-minutes on the bike and that's me done.  

Day Twenty

For many months now, my little treat to myself is a takeaway.  I used to be able to eat what I wanted, when I wanted.  And, thanks to Phil, I can still do that.  Just about.  As long as I'm careful not to exceed my calorie count.  

So, I'll end the week with a rather delicious carton of salt and pepper chips and a plate of sticky ribs in barbecue sauce.  Yum!