Week five of my stupidity

I'm pretty sure I measured myself incorrectly.  I tied myself up with my own measuring tape and one thigh came out three inches bigger than the other, while the calf on that leg was an inch smaller than the other leg.  Either I'm very lop-sided or I simply can't measure!

Scales, however, proved much easier.  I now weigh in at a satisfying 62 kilos, down on last week's weight.   

The Weekend

I did a lot of walking on Saturday but, otherwise, had a fairly lazy weekend.   

Day Twenty-Three

On Monday nights, I play badminton for two hours - badly!  It's lovely to see improvements in such a short time - even just little improvements in my ability to run and jump without puffing like an exhausted dog.  

I've also decided (without checking with Phil at all - just going ahead doing what I think best!) to try and add in cardio sessions each day, even if that's just 20 minutes on the exercise bike.  

Finding the time in between work for resistance exercises and cardio may prove tricky but I'm willing to give it a go.

Day Twenty-Four

I felt much more motivated today.  

Phil told me not to add in cardio sessions every day, so I've decided to opt for a little extra cardio on Mondays, the weekend and Thursdays.  

Day Twenty-Five

I wasn't able to complete the entire workout today as I hurt my arm and persisting through the resistance training just felt like a bad idea.

Day Twenty-Six

I hopped on the exercise bike for 20 minutes.  Cardio done and dusted!

Day Twenty-Seven

If I had to pick a favourite between the upper and lower body workout, it would definitely be the lower body.  Maybe the cycling I was doing previously to taking on this challenge made my legs stronger or maybe my lower body is fitter than the upper body - whatever the reason, I just find it easier and, consequently, more fun!

Whatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope you have a lovely time!  Tune in next week for the latest installment in the diary of my stupidity!