Week seven of my stupidity

I wish I could enjoy exercise more.  It's a constant struggle to want to do it - and a long day at work can easily make me feel like skipping it.

Consistency is key, of course, so I force myself anyway.

The Weekend

I did half an hour on my exercise bike on Saturday and then only twenty minutes on Sunday.

After weighing myself, I found I'd put the four pounds I lost right back on.  I was disheartened, but I discovered I could military press (with my right arm) my 22LB dumbell.  So, I'm telling myself that weight gain is muscle, but I'll keep a strict eye on it. 

Day Thirty-Seven

Discovered I can now military press 22LBs with both arms!  I also managed 30 minutes on my exercise bike.  

Monday exercise is always easiest since I get to play badminton in the evening for about two hours.  It's a surprisingly effective workout - but it doesn't feel like one.  For added benefit, I decided to walk there and back.

Day Thirty-Eight

I woke up more tired than when I'd gone to sleep.  The heavy, drag-yourself-through-the-day kind of tired.

Phil updated my workout to make it all a little bit harder.  I dragged myself through my lower body workout.

Day Thirty-Nine

I actually enjoyed the workout today!  Phil modified each of the resistance training sessions, adding in a new exercise or changing it up a little.  I now have a personalised set of exercises for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Day Forty

I hopped on the exercise bike for 30 minutes.  I also had a badminton lesson in the evening - my first one ever!

The mistakes I made and bad habits I had picked up were mercilessly pointed out by my teacher, and I tried hard to fix them.  Honestly, it was a real workout and I was extremely out of breath by the end.

Day Forty-One

I had a bad day.  It's been a week full of little things going wrong - not big enough to complain about, but a steady barrage of niggles that made me feel completely down.

I didn't sleep well.  My new phone had broken and I was worried about getting it repaired.  My car needs work that nobody within a hundred-mile radius wants to tackle.  I was struggling to source the contact lenses I use.  Work was full-on.  

The result?  I barely did my workout today.  I lifted the weights, got frustrated and skipped most of the process - then felt bad for not doing it, but not bad enough to do it.  

However, my focus will be on putting the effort in next week, not dwelling on the frustrations of this week.  Have a great weekend, everyone.