Week six of my stupidity

"It's amazing," my friend said.  "You seem to think your stomach is bigger one minute and slimmer the next."

It's true.  In the same day, I can be convinced I'm fatter than ever or that my workout is really helping.  

Phil says this is extremely common and that's why it's so important to track your weight and measurements.  My mind can play all kinds of tricks - but the scales don't lie.  Unless you tilt your head, of course.

The Weekend

I did a lot of walking on Saturday but, otherwise, had a fairly lazy weekend.

I was looking forward to taking my progress photos, but I looked fatter than ever.  

Day Thirty

We were an odd number at badminton, so I realistically only played for about one-and-a-half hours.  But I managed to do half an hour on my exercise bike so I was happy.

Day Thirty-One

I really put my back into the lower body workout today.  I'm now using 30LB weight bands for hamstring curls (where I lie face down on the floor and lift my legs up and down) and using 22LB dumbells for a reverse lunge (where I pop a leg back and bend my knee towards the floor and nearly fall over.) 

I was very hungry afterwards so I opted for some tinned fish.  I know fish isn't everyone's cup of tea but I find it an easy way to focus on eating protein.

Because I was in such a state of dismay at the weekend, Phil created a new nutrition plan for me with a reduced calorie count of 1,310.  

Day Thirty-Two

I completed my lower body workout today, upping the weight of the resistance bands to 30 pounds in some instances.  

Day Thirty-Three

I've upped my exercise bike to 30 minutes, rather than 20.  I was finding work today particularly hard - couldn't quite get into it - and so I took half an hour out to clear my head.  

Day Thirty-Four

Well, I really have been stupid.

Logging every item of food, every day, thinking I was within my calorie count...  Not realising the app I was using only logged one portion of the meal - and I was having multiple portions.

Well, no wonder I'm not losing weight like feel I should be.  No wonder my photographs demonstrated zero improvement.  

Fortunately, I'm aware of this now and will be keeping on top of it.  But, oh my, what a silly goose.